What Does A Cornea Specialist Do?

When it comes to your eyes, it’s important to keep them as healthy as possible. If you’ve gone to your ophthalmologist or eye doctor for an annual exam, they may refer you to a cornea specialist. If you’re not quite sure what a cornea specialist is, or what they do, keep reading to learn more!

What Is A Cornea Specialist?

A cornea specialist is an ophthalmologist who specializes in treating the cornea. The cornea is an important part of your eye and vision. The cornea works to focus all of the light that comes in and out of your eye. When your eyes are able to focus on objects or things, you can thank your cornea! If you’re having difficulty with your vision, your ophthalmologist may refer you to see a cornea specialist. Symptoms to look out for include blurred vision, redness, sensitivity to light, and unusual eye pain.

What Should I Expect When I See A Cornea Specialist?

Going to see a cornea specialist is much like going to see your ophthalmologist, but there are some differences. Using special tools, a cornea specialist can see deep scarring in your eye that your ophthalmologist may not have seen. Your cornea specialist can also prescribe medication or treatment options to help heal any corneal scarring or injuries that may have occurred. If corneal conditions are caught quickly, permanent damage to your vision and eyes can be avoided.

At New England Vision, one of our cornea specialists is Noah Saipe, M.D. Dr. Saipe has an extensive background in anterior segment pathology, as well as comprehensive ophthalmology. When you visit Dr. Saipe, you’ll receive top notch care, and easy-to-understand information, instead of a lot of medical jargon. Whether you’re concerned about eye pain or have been referred to Dr. Saipe for corneal problems, New England Vision can help!

Get To Know The Doctor Behind The White Coat

At Princeton, Dr. Saipe was an avid volunteer and participant with the Student Volunteers Council, constructed homes for poverty stricken families in Trenton, and made regular visits to pediatric cancer patients in New Brunswick. Activism and volunteerism is something he has brought with him to Vermont. Through his education and career, Dr. Saipe has made it a priority to help those less fortunate than him, and has a strong background in volunteering.

When not volunteering or working at New England Vision seeing patients, you’ll find Dr. Saipe on his way to becoming a true Vermonter! Dr. Saipe and his family love to spend time outdoors, enjoying all of the natural beauty that Vermont has to offer. You can often find Dr. Saipe hiking with his golden doodle Copernicus, or picnicking during a stunning sunset. He’s also an avid trumpet player, and enjoys building computers.

If you’ve been considering seeing a cornea specialist or have concerns regarding your eye health, click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Saipe and the team at New England Vision today!

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