Patient Stories

Jan Lawson
July 25, 2019

I’ve never written a review before, but I feel compelled to share something really, really good. My experiences at Vermont Eye Laser have been so consistently positive. The staff is careful, thorough, and happy, instilling confidence and a relaxing atmosphere. That’s quite an accomplishment as one awaits surgery! A patient of Dr. Juli Larson for many years, I continue to be impressed by how she blends latest medical technology with down-to-earth relations with her patients. I never feel rushed. She is careful to explain details and answer questions. Having experienced both her routine eye care and cataract surgeries, I feel incredibly well cared for and filled with gratitude.

Mona Minard
May 16, 2019

Dr. Saipe,

My appreciation for the special blessing you’ve been.

Thank you very much for caring enough to make arrangements for the specialists to evaluate me. I had surgery and I am doing very well. Thank the Good Lord, I didn’t have cancer. Thank you for your special attention!

Irene Bareau
February 18, 2017

Dear Noah,

Just a word of thanks for making the entire cataract surgery experience so smooth and easy (at least for me!). You were, of course, right about the vision of my left eye. As soon as the correct lens was incorporated into a new set of glasses, the astigmatism was solved, and now I read perfectly.

I’m sort of sorry I only have two eyes to operate on, because after April’s appointment, unless some other problem develops, I will have to forgo our enjoyable conversations!

I’m grateful for everything you did for me, especially for uncovering a beautiful world of color.

Sandy Bennett
December 15, 2016

Dear Dr. Saipe,

You need to know what a difference you just made in one life – mine! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me last Friday, after I had seen a retina specialist who recommended that I see a corneal specialist (surgeon).

Clearly, I have been very depressed with the result of my cataract surgery and toric lens by my original surgeon. You, however, were the first person to take the time and explain all the options, at this juncture, to me.

Thank you so much for talking with me. Your words of wisdom meant a great deal and were very much appreciated!

Laura and Francis Davenport
October 20, 2016

Dear Dr. Larson,

On Tuesday, October 11, my husband, almost 82, was scheduled to see Dr. Noah Saipe for an evaluation for temporal arteritis. As I picked up the paperwork at the front desk, I read that you had recently hired Dr. Saipe in September. There was a nice welcome note and acknowledgement of him joining the practice. I realize this is a professional courtesy, but it bolstered my confidence in the doctor we were about to see. You have chosen him personally. You are taking an interest in him. I knew this would be the toughest appointment Francis and I had faced in our nine years of marriage, and I knew we needed the best.

Thank you, Dr. Larson, for hiring the best. Your technician Thu did a thorough patient history and wrote in the most legible handwriting I have seen coming out of a doctor’s office in a long time. She knew the urgency of this visit and she asked thoughtful questions to elicit a clear picture of the course of this illness. She remained calm and professional. She did great work.

Dr. Saipe came in and introduced himself and explained the process concisely. My husband had been ill for about 30 days at this point and needed someone who could speak up, speak clearly, and use simple terms. Dr. Saipe then calmly proceeded to examine Francis. As I watched, I knew that the situation was serious but Dr. Saipe’s excellent skills and training kept me calm. After dilating Francis’ eyes and further examining him, he told us that we must proceed directly to the emergency room and try to save the vision in Francis’ right eye. Dr. Saipe was calm, clear, and direct, and I knew that the treatment needed to be immediate in order to preserve my recently health husband’s future vitality. Dr. Saipe took care of getting us a photocopy of the clinical notes and calling ahead to the ER. He did everything right and we owe him a debt of gratitude. Francis’ vision did return to that left eye in large part. He was shooting baskets into the wastebasket from his bed during his three days on IV prednisone. He is relatively unscathed from what could have been a debilitating illness.

As a classroom teacher in Shelburne for 20+ years, I know the sacrifices and commitment it takes to handle an emergency. I know that being an excellent doctor is about knowledge and applying it correctly every day as well as under pressure. Dr. Saipe possesses a powerful combination of clinical skill and a clear, direct, warm communication style that supports patient compliance and excellent health outcomes. Congratulations, Dr. Larson, on bringing such a skillful and compassionate ophthalmologist to Vermont. Let me know if you ever need any help in keeping him here!

We also want to thank your office staff. We know that only well-trained, respected, and intelligent people can run an organization like yours so smoothly and with seeming effortlessness. Please thank them for their excellent work.

Dr. Saipe, please share this note with your support system. We all know that no one completes the extensive training and schooling that you have without a good family behind them. And no one learns to communicate clearly and face tough situations head-on in the few short years of med school. Those lessons were learned during your formative years. Francis’ sister, Martha, his six children and their spouses, his 14 grandchildren and their spouses, and his 18 great-grandchildren as well as my family of 40+ souls, bless you and your family and wish you every good thing.


Hon. Robert A. Hall
January 27, 2015

Last Wednesday, Dr. Noah Saipe performed cataract surgery on my left eye. The surgery went perfectly as far as I can see (pun intended). My left eye is now terrific, much better than my right, which is not yet ready for surgery.

I realize this is a very routine surgery these days. What particularly impressed me with Dr. Saipe was both his ability to quickly establish a bond of trust with me, and his ability to explain things clearly and concisely. While technical skill is thankfully common among doctors, the other two skills are rarer.

I consider that my record demonstrates that I am a good judge of people, starting with my service in the Marines. Before the PF forced my retirement in October of 2013, I was the hiring authority throughout my 41-year professional career, ten as a state senator followed by 31 as an association executive. Not only have I hired hundreds of staff members (and fired a few), with excellent (if not perfect) results, but for 27 years I managed health care association, so I have interacted with more doctors than most hospital administrators. Dr. Saipe stands out. I would highly recommend him.


I just had lasik done today and Dr Larson (and staff) were amazing. The office is high end, and the staff are so friendly, and Dr Larson is so good at talking you through the surgery, there is no anxiety. Thank you Dr. Larson.

I typically do not write reviews but having my life altered so dramatically in such a positive way I feel as though it’s much deserved and credit given is a must!

On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the most terrified…I would say I was pretty close to the big 1-0! With that said, the staff got me through it and I have never been so thankful in my life. I have been crying tears of joy since my procedure yesterday. I was not only impressed by the staff and the wonderful Juli Larson, but also the facility, state of the art equipment and such a positive and painless outcome! I even went to the movies 6 hrs after! I can’t express my gratitude enough!

Going from 20/400 in one eye and 20/200 in the other to 20/30 is like experiencing a miracle. I had no discomfort or pain after the initial hour ride home. And that was tolerable. PRK Surgery on Friday, very blurry on Sunday but now I can return to all my normal activities on Wednesday! It’s the first time in my life I can read the shampoo bottle in the shower. It’s not the soap bringing tears to my eyes… Thank you Juli and all your educated, competent and very friendly, card staff!!

Best choice I have ever made! Walked into Dr. Juli’s office blind as a bat! I could not even see the big E on the eye chart without my glasses. I walked out of the office after surgery with better than 20/20 vision!

Not knowing what my before prescription was, but knowing it was VERY high (I’ve been in glasses since I was 10, I am now 40) I had 20/21 the day after surgery. I am very pleased. I had little to no pain after surgery. Thank you Dr. Larson!!!!!

Chris T.

Chris smiling after snagging a Deer

Dear Dr. Larson,

I attached the picture of the 7 point white tail deer that I bagged the morning after my LASIK surgery. Thank you so much again for my “new” vision without the help of glasses or contacts. It’s truly amazing to me how well I was able to see the very first morning after surgery. A bit unlucky for the deer though. Success!

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