Close up of a CorneaThe cornea is the clear front window of the eye. It is a dome-shaped surface that helps to focus light entering the eye. Proper cornea care is important for overall eye health, that is why we offer the Burlington and Plattsburgh areas the best cornea treatment options.

Your cornea must be clear, smooth, and healthy to have good vision. If there is a problem with your cornea (it is dry, scratched, scarred, swollen, or otherwise damaged), your vision could be blurry or you could have a serious loss of vision.

Common cornea issues include dry eye, corneal abrasions, keratoconus and many more. With our cornea specialist, we make sure you get the best cornea treatment in the Burlington and Plattsburgh area.   If you are experiencing a corneal problem or might need surgery on your cornea, entrust your care to this highly-skilled cornea care provider.

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