Why Now is a Good Time to Have Cataract Surgery with the Best Cataract Surgeon in Burlington

September is a time of year when you go back to life after the lazy heat of summer. Is it your goal to be more active instead of staying indoors in the rainy fall and snowy winter? Maybe you want to get outside to experience Vermont in every season, but you know that when glasses… Read More

What is a Secondary Cataract?

Eventually, everyone will require cataract surgery to restore their vision and reduce the unwanted symptoms of cataracts. However, what about secondary cataracts? Can cataracts grow back after surgery?  Keep reading to learn what a secondary cataract is! A Misleading Term The term secondary cataract is a misnomer, a somewhat inaccurate description. A secondary cataract is,… Read More

Is LASIK Permanent?

LASIK, the most popular form of laser vision correction, was first approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration just over twenty-five years ago. Since then, millions of patients in the U.S, once dependent on eyeglasses or contact lenses, have been able to significantly reduce their dependency on visual aids after choosing LASIK surgery. … Read More

10 Ways to Treat Your Dry Eyes

If you’ve got dry, itchy, red, irritated eyes, or if you wake up with crusty eyelids, you may have dry eye syndrome or blepharitis.  Keep reading to learn ten ways to treat dry eyes! What Is Dry Eye?  Dry eye occurs when your eyes aren’t able to produce enough tears, or they cannot produce sufficient… Read More

How Is PRK Different From LASIK? 

Are you considering your options for laser vision correction? Many excellent choices are available that can significantly reduce your dependence on contact lenses and glasses.  In some cases, you may not qualify for LASIK. If you don’t, your eye doctor may recommend PRK instead.  Continue reading to learn more about PRK and LASIK and how… Read More

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