January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

Glaucoma is a severe eye disease that can affect anyone and is often referred to as the silent thief of sight. It’s essential to be aware of this condition to prevent irreversible damage to your vision. Keep reading to learn more about glaucoma and glaucoma awareness month. What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a collection of… Read More

Give Yourself Clear Vision With LASIK This New Year

If you notice that your vision is not as clear as it once was or if you’re tired of relying on glasses to see, it may be time to consider LASIK. By giving yourself the gift of clear vision this New Year, you’ll be saving yourself time, headaches, and hassles. You can focus better and… Read More

Do You Have Cataracts? Here Are Your Treatment Options 

Do you think you might have cataracts? Have you talked to your eye doctor about treatment options? Getting cataracts is a part of aging, and most people will get them at some point in their life. It’s essential to be aware of your vision and any deterioration and regularly have your eyes checked.  Keep reading… Read More

What Are You Doing To Keep Your Eyes Healthy During Halloween Safety Month?

October is Halloween Safety Month. It’s essential to plan and take precautions so that you can enjoy the festivities and stay safe. While you’re making plans on how to celebrate safely this season, don’t forget about your eyes. With the changing season, allergies, and dry air, your eyes can become extra sensitive. Add in the… Read More

3 Signs Your Dry Eyes Could Use Treatment

The beginning of fall can be incredibly irritating to your eyes. It brings ragweed, mold, and an increase in grass pollen. These allergens can cause your eyes to become itchy and watery. But they also usually create other allergy symptoms. If your eyes are getting irritated and bloodshot, but you aren’t sneezing or getting a… Read More

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