Monthly Archives: December 2016

5 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Like the rest of our bodies, our eyes are affected by our health, so it is important that we keep our health in our consideration if we want to maintain good vision. Here are a few easy ways you can help to maintain the health of your eyes as you get older. Eat right: Eating a… Read More

LASIK: Helping You See the Real You

Did you start wearing glasses when you were a kid? Do you remember the dread in the pit of your stomach when your parents made you go to the eye doctor – maybe at the suggestion of your grade school teacher – and the doctor told you that you needed glasses? A grownup telling you… Read More

Conjunctivitis: What is Pink Eye and How Can I Avoid It?

Conjunctivitis, or “Pink Eye” as it is more commonly known, is a common eye problem that can be treated relatively easily and avoided using a few simple precautions. Pink eye is something anyone can develop, but it is seen more prominently among younger age groups where children are less cautious about exposure to germs. Students… Read More

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