LASIK: Helping You See the Real You

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Did you start wearing glasses when you were a kid? Do you remember the dread in the pit of your stomach when your parents made you go to the eye doctor – maybe at the suggestion of your grade school teacher – and the doctor told you that you needed glasses? A grownup telling you that for the rest of your life you’d have to live behind this thing on your face is devastating news.

But eventually you got used to the way they felt; the weight of them and the constant pressure behind your ears. It got so you pushed them back up the bridge of your nose without thinking about it. Your schoolmates got used to your glasses too. At first, of course, it seemed like they all were staring at you and your new face, and starting to assume that you were shy and bookish.

After all these years, have you ever really grown accustomed to the way your face looks with glasses? Even though you may have spent hours selecting just the right frames, you probably get ready for your day looking at yourself in the mirror without those glasses. Are you ever a little thrown off when you catch your reflection later in the day? That face isn’t the one you remember from the morning’s routine – sometimes it’s like someone else is looking back at you.

The Real You

After having LASIK, a lot of people are amazed by the feeling that others are finally seeing the real them. Their facial expressions are suddenly no longer being hidden behind this strange thing on their face – people can more easily see the little crinkle at the corner of their eye when they’re really smiling, or readily notice a slight raising or lowering of the brow while they converse. Those thick frames are no longer obscuring all those little moments that pass on their face.

Further, many LASIK patients are thrilled by the idea that there’s no barrier between them and the world. Can you imagine the rush of walking through your day with nothing getting in the way of life?

Do a favor for that little heartbroken kid visiting the eye doctor and visit the eye doctor again. Ask about LASIK surgery, learn together what your best options are, and take that barrier between you and the world away, literally and otherwise. Contact Vermont Eye Laser for your consultation today!

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