Monthly Archives: November 2017

4 Easy Steps To Take To Protect Your Vision

There are many steps you can take to keep your body healthy, including your eye health and vision. There are many factors that contribute to your eye health and these are a couple ways you can protect your vision! Eat Healthy: It is no secret that what we fuel our body with has an effect… Read More

Celebrating Dr. Noah Saipe’s 1-Year Anniversary at New England Vision and Vermont Eye Laser

To celebrate physician and surgeon Dr. Noah Saipe M.D.’s first year with the practice, and to introduce him to patients new and old, we conducted the following interview with him. Enjoy!   Tell me about yourself. I guess I’ll start at the beginning. I was raised in the Chicago suburbs as the youngest of my… Read More

Is it Time for You to Get an Eye Exam?

Life gets busy and sometimes we forgot about appointments, it happens. So, if you are sitting there trying to remember when the last time you had your eyes checked – you aren’t alone. Your health is important, and it is crucial to take care of your eyes. So, when do you know it’s time to… Read More

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