Monthly Archives: January 2017

When You Should Have Cataract Surgery

As advanced as medical technology is, there is no eye drop or medication that can prevent the formation of a cataract, nor can it be reversed. If a cataract is causing a change in a person’s prescription, blurred vision can be improved with a new prescription. However, surgery is the only true treatment for a… Read More

Exercise and How it can Positively Impact Your IOP

Recent studies suggest that exercise can help to alleviate some eye pressure, which can potentially help if you have glaucoma. Now you might be thinking, “well, how much do I need to work out to get results?” The great thing is, you don’t need to work out rigorously to see results. Studies show that you… Read More

Nutrients in Food and How They Affect Your Eye Health

When it comes to nutrition, we have a lot of options available for us when we go to the grocery store every day. What we eat can have an effect on our health and ultimately that effects every part of our body. Even our eyes can be effected by our diet, so making smart choices… Read More

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