Why Are My Eyes Burning?

Woman in a field of flowers suffering from Eye Allergies

The answer to why your eyes are burning is a bit complicated. It can be the result of a lot of different things. It can be something as simple as having soap in your eyes or because of dry eye.

Whatever the reason for your discomfort is, there’s likely a way to get it to stop. Keep reading for some common reasons for burning eyes and how to safely treat them!


If you washed your face and your eyes are burning, then you likely know the cause of your discomfort. Our eyes are sensitive and getting any chemicals in them is going to hurt.

Flushing your eyes is about more than putting water into them. Before you do anything, make sure to clean your hands so they don’t cause an infection.

Remove any contacts if present. Then, run a shower with warm, not hot water. Let the water run into your eyes.

If you don’t have a shower nearby, you can use a sink by tilting your head to the side under the faucet. You can also use a cup or pitcher (make sure it’s clean!) and pour it gently.

There will be instructions on the label of whatever chemical is in your eye for how and how long to flush your eye out.

If no label is present, flush your eye for about 15 minutes and seek medical attention. Whatever you do, do not rub your eyes, as this could push the chemicals further into your eyes.


Allergies are a common problem for eyes. Pollen, pet dander, and dust cause discomfort for millions who suffer from allergies.

Allergies occur because our bodies can react to normal stimuli like they are harmful. If your immune system can’t tell the difference between pollen and infection, then it will react the same way.

You can combat allergies with prescriptions or over the counter medication. Antihistamines will stop the release of histamine in the body.

When your immune system detects a threat, histamines are what your body releases. Antihistamines stop the allergic reaction before it has a chance to occur.


Contact lenses are great but they are easy to abuse. This can happen if you wear them too long or don’t replace them enough.

Doing these things can have negative effects on your eyes. This includes chronic burning.

Make sure to follow all the instructions for your particular contacts. Different types and brands need different upkeep.

Never wear contacts to bed or rub your eyes with them in. If you want to avoid further problems, never rub your eyes!

Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye can start for many different reasons. Common ones include allergies, contact abuse, and environmental factors. You could also develop an imbalance in the tears being produced.

If your dry eye is making your life unbearable, you’ll need to find out why your eyes are so dry. Contact Vermont Eye Laser in Burlington, VT to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you get your dry eye under control, once and for all!

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