Answers to Your Most Pressing LASIK Questions

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You’ve done a lot of research, but you still have some pressing questions about LASIK eye surgery. Instead of spending hours scouring the internet, check out the answers to the top questions. Then, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about LASIK.

Does it hurt?

Your eye surgeon will place numbing drops in your eyes prior to surgery. These drops ensure that you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. After the drops wear off, your eyes will feel a little scratchy for a few hours, but that goes away. It is a good idea to go home and sleep it off. When you wake up, your eyes should feel normal again. If they are still a little scratchy, just go back to sleep for a bit. If you do feel any actual pain after surgery, you should notify your doctor immediately. This can be a sign of infection.

Am I really going to be awake during the surgery?

People get a little nervous when they hear that they are going to be awake during LASIK, but don’t let it stress you out. You are given a mild sedative before the surgery begins, so you are relaxed and ready to go. Instead of being nervous during the procedure, you will be interested in what the surgeon is doing. It is a very relaxed experience.

When will my eyesight improve?

LASIK works immediately. Right after surgery, your vision will be a little hazy, but sleep your sedative off and then check out your new eyesight. You should notice a marked improvement as soon as you wake up from your nap. Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks to a few months for your vision to stabilize, so it can keep getting better for quite some time. At the end of a few months, it will be stable so you will know the results.

Should I toss out my glasses before surgery?

You can toss out your current glasses, and it is likely you won’t need to get new ones. However, some people still need to wear glasses after surgery (with new prescriptions, of course.)

It is a good idea to have your surgeon provide you with projections so you will know what to expect after your procedure. If your eyes are extremely bad, he or she will likely tell you that you’ll still need glasses. However, if you need a minor correction, you probably won’t need glasses.

How much will my insurance pay?

In most cases, your insurance won’t pay a thing toward LASIK. This is considered to be an elective surgery, so insurance doesn’t have to cover the costs. Fortunately, eye care clinics often offer financing options. If you are approved for financing, you can get the surgery and then pay back the financing company. This is an easy way to get surgery without breaking the bank or having to save for years.

If you think you’re ready to move forward with LASIK, schedule a free screening at our Burlington, Vermont clinic. We will examine your eyes and let you know if you can move forward with the procedure. We can even walk you through the financing process. Call us today!

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