4 Quick Fixes for Your Eye Nutrition Created on: Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Most people try to eat healthy and take their daily vitamins, but it is easy to forget and cut corners when you’ve had a busy week. It is easy to take our eyes for granted, but they are the second most physiologically active part of our bodies—second only to the brain! This means our eyes required approximately 25% of the nutrients we take in daily to remain healthy. With this blog, we are going to talk about some easy things that can be done to your daily diet to help boost your eyes nutrition.

Here are four quick nutritional fixes that can help to maintain your eye health:

Quick Fix #1: Beans and/or brown rice make a great side dish

Beans and brown rice can complement almost any meal and they are also both fantastic sources of Zinc! Zinc helps to improve your bodies absorption of Vitamin A as well as aids in antioxidant enzyme functions. Zinc is said to help to protect your eyes from developing macular degeneration and night blindness.

Other sources: Shellfish, Cashews, Beef and Spinach

Quick Fix #2: Add some Flaxseed to your smoothies

Who doesn’t love a delicious and nutritious smoothie? Now, time to take that tasty smoothie to the next level! Add in some flaxseed! Not only will this add more depth to the flavor, but it will provide high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which is said to help maintain a healthy retina.

Other sources: Walnuts, Halibut, Soy and Salmon

Quick Fix #3: Strawberries for dessert

Despite can actually play an important role in your nutrition if you are eating the right things. Strawberries are delicious and sweet, but also provides more Vitamin C than Oranges per serving! Increasing your Vitamin C intake can help to reduce your risks of developing cataracts.

Other sources: Oranges, Kiwis and Sweet Red peppers

Quick Fix #4: Snack on some almonds

Hey! Whoever said snacking is a bad thing? Instead of grabbing that bag of potato chips, grab a handful of delicious almonds! Just a handful of almonds contains enough Vitamin E to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements. Vitamin E plays an important role in helping to maintain your eyes lubrication, which keeps the surface of your eyes refreshed.

Other sources: Vegetable Oil, Pine Nuts, Sunflower Seeds and Tomatoes

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