What Is Getting LASIK Like?

Young woman smiling after LASIK

LASIK is one of the most effective ways to correct your vision. It works by permanently changing the shape of your corneas.

This corrects any refractive errors. With refractive errors, you can’t focus light correctly inside your eyes. Wondering what LASIK is like?

Keep reading to learn more and why you should consider this form of vision correction at Vermont Eye Laser if you are a candidate for the procedure!

What Makes LASIK Simple?

Only a trained eye surgeon can perform LASIK, so simple is a relative term. Compared to other surgeries, LASIK takes almost no time at all.

The surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you will be able to go home the same day you undergo it. Having LASIK takes only about 10-15 minutes per eye to complete.

You will be at the eye care practice for longer. Expect to spend some time filling out paperwork before having LASIK. You’ll also spend time resting before your surgeon says you can go home after.

What Makes LASIK Safe?

As with any surgery, LASIK is not completely free from risk. Complications from the procedure are a concern, but most patients end up with fantastic vision!

That includes almost no complications, either. LASIK has an amazing 96% success rate with patients that have had the procedure.

Most patients that have LASIK end up with 20/20 vision or better! Technology and training are only improving, making LASIK an ever-evolving procedure.

The greatest risk of complications actually occurs after LASIK and during recovery. While you heal, you will be living with a very fragile cornea that can tear quite easily.

The good news? The cornea strengthens quickly. You should be able to resume most of your normal activities within a few weeks of having LASIK!

What Makes LASIK Painless?

A big concern with people considering LASIK is whether it will hurt. This is understandable, as any surgery involves making incisions.

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. While you will be awake during LASIK, you actually won’t feel anything during the procedure.

You’ll receive numbing eye drops before LASIK begins, which means no pain! The most you will feel is a slight tugging sensation during the flap creation.

This could be uncomfortable but it’s not painful and only lasts a few seconds. If you are anxious before your procedure, you may be prescribed some medication to help you relax.

You may feel some pain after the numbness wears off, but it should not be severe and it shouldn’t last long. You will likely need to deal with itching and general discomfort more than anything.

Harsh pain should be reported to your eye doctor immediately if it doesn’t go away. This could be a sign of a complication or an infection after LASIK.

LASIK is an amazing surgery that can offer you the incredible benefit of clear vision free from glasses and contacts. It is difficult to tell exactly what that is worth, but millions of people agree that for them, it is extraordinary. LASIK itself may not take long, but the change it makes to your vision is for life.

Think LASIK could be the way to go? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Vermont Eye Laser in Burlington, VT now!

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