4 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Before Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery Anxiety Burlington

Surgery makes just about everyone nervous in some way. The threat of complication or pain makes this apprehension completely understandable. Cataract surgery, in particular, involves work being done on your eyes.

Your eyes are two of the most sensitive and important parts of your body. Vision is very important in having a full life experience, and few people want to risk that. Feeling nervous about cataract surgery with New England Vision in Burlington? Try these tricks for reducing anxiety!

Research Some Basics

Simply knowing more about something that you are nervous about can put your mind at ease. Knowledge is the enemy of the unknown, but misinformation can make fear grow stronger.

Take any findings you learn from the internet, with a grain of salt. Don’t take this information as fact! Instead, use it to inform any questions you have during your cataract screening!

If you’re not sure about some of the information online, ask your cataract surgeon. They should be able to verify or inform you that your information is incorrect.

Know The Statistics

Statistically, cataract surgery is one of the safest surgeries in the world. Of the millions of patients who have undergone it, almost all left with improved vision.

Having those facts behind you may help calm your nerves. Again, make sure to run your findings by your eye surgeon to make that the results are accurate and honest.

Research Your Cataract Surgeon

Cataract surgery involves a very high degree of trust with someone you might not know as well as you’d like to. You can remedy that by scheduling a cataract screening. At this screening, you can ask questions, as well as get to know your surgeon a little better.

You can also see firsthand how they run their office and how you are treated by staff. This is often a good indicator of what to expect when you have cataract surgery at the practice.

Make sure the surgeon is licensed to practice with a full education. Besides their status as licensed, they should have plenty of experience. In cases like picking the right cataract surgeon, listen to your gut.

You should never feel like your cataract surgeon is coercing you into surgery, or is doing it for the money. Though there are few risks, your surgeon should mention them to make sure you’re aware.

Do not settle for less. If a practice doesn’t seem like a good fit, move on to the next one. Your eyes are priceless.

Remind Yourself Of The Benefits

There is no stopping the development of cataracts. You can change your lifestyle to slow down their progression, but it’s inevitable. Consider eating healthier, not smoking and wearing safety goggles to reduce cataract progression.

Cataract surgery only becomes necessary when your vision has become impeded. You may have cataracts that never fully develop. In other cases, you could need your cataracts removed.

If you do need cataract surgery, it’s worth the minimal risks! If you’ve lost your sight because of cataracts, cataract surgery gives it back. Depending on the IOL you choose, you could end up with vision better than before you had cataracts!

Need your cataracts removed? Set up an appointment with New England Vision in Burlington, Vermont!

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