What does it mean to be nearsighted? To be farsighted? To have astigmatism?
Can LASIK correct astigmatism?
Can LASIK correct a lazy eye?
Can I wear contact lenses to my free LASIK consultation? What about to my full dilated examination?
Can surgery be performed on both eyes on the same day?
How long does the LASIK surgery take?
Will I be awake during the LASIK surgery?
Does the LASIK surgery hurt?
What happens if I have trouble staying focused on the blinking orange light during my LASIK surgery? What if I blink or move? Will the laser treatment be wrong?
What is the difference between conventional LASIK and custom Wavefront-guided LASIK?
Is LASIK safe? What are the possible complications of LASIK surgery?
Can I drive myself home after the LASIK surgery?
Are there any restrictions after LASIK surgery?
When can I resume driving after LASIK?
When can I return to work?
How long does it take for my eyes to heal?
How many appointments are there after LASIK? Are these included in the cost?
Does insurance pay for LASIK?
How much does LASIK cost? Do you offer financing?
How long do the effects of LASIK last?
Will LASIK prevent me from needing reading glasses / allow me to read without my cheaters?
What happens if I have LASIK surgery and then develop cataracts?