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It's the right surgeon!

Dr. Juli LarsonDr. Juli Larson, an award-winning surgeon, has been honored with the “Top 5 Surgeon” award for the second straight year. Dr. Larson received two new awards, a national consumers group named her as one of the “Top Ophthalmologist/LASIK Surgeons” in the country and TLC Vision named her a “Golden Glove Surgeon” for her continued commitment to excellence in Laser Vision Correction and for the quality of her results. If you have ever talked to one of our patients you’ve heard how her compassionate and caring style made the difference in their surgery! Despite Dr. Larson’s busy schedule she still finds time to serve as a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Vermont Medical School. Medical students are able to rotate through our practice gaining firsthand experience in providing quality eye care to Vermonters.

Dr. Larson has performed LASIK and other refractive procedures in Vermont for almost a decade performing nearly 10,000 procedures! Many experts agree that it is the insight gained from watching patients 5,6 and 7+ years post-op that leads to the knowledge of how best to meet a new patient’s needs. Some experts suggest that you should select a surgeon with at least 5,000 procedures performed who has demonstrated their commitment to excellence. Many of the advisory websites suggest a minimum range from a low of 1,500 to a range from 3,000 to 5,000 procedures.

Dr. Larson spent two years in training completing a Mini-Fellowship with a leader in the field of refractive surgery where the monthly volume exceeded most one-year academic programs. In reality, the vast majority of the leaders in Refractive Surgery are in private practice as is the bulk of scientific study in the field. In the almost 10 years that Dr. Larson has been performing the LASIK and other refractive procedures she has taken continuing courses and studied literally around the world. There is no other surgeon in the region that has either the extensive training or experience of Dr. Larson. She has been honored with over 15 awards but the greatest satisfaction comes from meeting her patients on the ski slopes, at the grocery store or at church who now enjoy the freedom of clear vision. The real award is the smile on a patient’s face!

Finally, it’s the personal attention that Dr. Larson brings to each and every patient. While we work closely with many of Vermont’s leading Eye Doctors and can facilitate your post-operative care close to home, Dr. Larson still does all her own surgical planning and meets all patients in advance of their day of surgery. Typically, surgeons at out of the area centers do not even meet the patient till the day of surgery and seldom personally conduct the pre-operative examination.

Dr. David Diaz, holds a BA from Yale University, and MD degree from University of Pennsylvania and completed is Ophthalmology Residency at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., one of the nations top residency programs.

It is, indeed, a pleasure to welcome Dr. Diaz to New England Vision Correction and Vermont Eye Laser.

“David is everything I have looked for in my four year search. He is intelligent, eminently qualified, warm, caring and has impeccable integrity.  I am honored to welcome D. Diaz to NEVC” – J.A. Larson, MD.

After graduating from Yale, David taught high school history, but soon found that his desire for a career in medicine was overwhelming.  His ability to listen and communicate as a teacher has had a positive effect on his ability to care for patients, which involves teaching patients about their diagnosis and treatment.  The maturity and compassion that David brings fits in well with the way that Dr. Larson, Dr. Lisa Eriksson and Dr. Jennifer DeVita, approach and treat patients. 

David has exceptional training in Cataract, Refractive and Glaucoma surgery as well
as several other areas of ophthalmology. David loves many types of athletic sports and is looking forward to skiing, hiking and everything Vermont has to offer.

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It's the right Center!

VT Eye Laser has been recognized as a “Top 25 Practice” due to the overall quality of our program. No one comes in, even if it’s just for a free consultation, that doesn’t remark how caring and friendly our staff are. (No other staff in the region has the training and experience of the staff at Vermont Eye Laser, none!) In May of 2003 Governor Jim Douglas and former Lt. Governor Barbara Snelling presented Dr. Larson with “The Practice of Excellence Award”. Over the years we have won the Practice of Excellence Award on numerous occasions.

Vermont Eye Laser also has a unique sense of community as evidenced by our support of the Make a Wish Foundation, The Jarred Williams Foundation, Young Life and our “Sight For Safety, Vision for Life Scholarship” program that awards free LASIK surgery to one member of the military, police and fire communities each year.

These awards not only recognize the quality and cleanliness of our surgical facility but they honor the overall experience that our patients have been testifying about to their friends and neighbors.

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It's the latest technology - iLASIK!

iLASIKThe CustomVue S4 with Iris Registration from Visx is the world’s #1 selling laser. In the past some clinics have made great claims about their lasers; that they are “Custom Optimized” or are “High Definition” sometimes not even the manufacturer makes these claims. True High Definition Wavefront Fournier/Hartman-Shack Guided technology is only available on the VISX S4 when combined with the Intralase Femtosecond Laser for flap creation. In addition, only the S4 has the 3D Iris tracking system insuring that your treatment is precisely delivered regardless of any eye or body movement.

The truth is that after a lengthy study the United States Navy and NASA selected only the VISX S4 with Iris Registration for their members because studies showed it was clearly superior. In fact, if a Top Gun Pilot or an Astronaut chooses to have LASIK they must have the new “iLASIK All Laser Procedure” that is exclusively available at Vermont Eye Laser. Each day more surgeons across the country trust their patients to Visx than any other laser. The Visx CustomVue Laser system has been featured on the reality TV show “Extreme Makeover”. Well-known celebrities like Tiger Woods and Jennifer Capriati have trusted their eyes to Visx along with local celebrities like the Vermont Survivor, Kathy O’Brien, Barbara Cochran, Olympic Gold Medalist, Will Voight,  former Head Coach of the Vermont Frost Heaves, former Adjutant General, Martha Rainville, and Burlington’s new Police Chief, Mike Schirling.

In Ophthalmology Management the FDA clinical study results on the three custom wave laser systems are reported. While no laser reported here exceeds the Visx, there is a considerable difference in those achieving 20/20 or better. In addition, the Visx laser is the only laser that offers three dimensional eye tracking with Iris Registration so that you are followed not only if your eye moves up or down or side to side but also if you breath and move closer or farther away from the laser beam. In our opinion this feature alone gives Visx the edge because we see it in the results. While many centers tout specific claims about their lasers the final judge is the actual FDA clinical data.

Laser 20/40
or better
or better
Visx 100% 93.2% Up to 3.0 D
Alcon LadarVision 98.6 79.9% Only 1.5 D
B&L Zyoptix 99.4 91.0% Up to 3.

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It's the right price!

When one considers Laser Vision Correction price should never be the first consideration, after all it’s about your eyes. The quality of the center and the success of the surgeon are by far the most important considerations. Some centers will advertise prices that sound too good to be true but fail to explain the details that add to your cost. Typically these prices are for people with very minimal prescriptions and no astigmatism and the fee does not include one year of care. In reality, very few people actually qualify and most patients end up with a total fee either the same as VT Eye or actually spending more with greater risks that are associated with having your surgery out of the area.

The advantage to having someone local in case you experience a complication not only saves you time and money but also can make a significant difference in the final result. Most complications need to be treated immediately and since most people have their surgery on a Thursday or Friday it is critical to be able to locate and see your surgeon on a weekend.

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It's the right choice for Americans!

Most people don’t fully realize that when you leave the US you don’t have the same legal recourse that you would here in the United States. Questions like malpractice insurance and legal recourse are seldom mentioned as considerations. Most insurance companies view Laser Vision Correction as an “elective surgery” and deny coverage if there is a complication to the surgery. If you recall the days when women who had silicone breast implants were concerned about the possible toxic effects to their health of their “elective surgery”, most of their insurance companies refused to pay for their removal. Patients all over the world travel to the United States for the quality of our Medical care. Few countries have the kind of protection that our FDA provides; in the US patients are protected from the baseless claims of manufacturers by the requirement of clinically proven data by the FDA.

Today the US is the leader in Laser Vision Correction, all three of the top lasers are made in the US. Each day more procedures are performed in the US than the rest of the free world combined. The US continues to be the leader in providing worldwide solutions to Vision Problems. Recently the FDA unanimously approved the first treatment for Presbyopia (the need for reading glasses) that is available in the world, and of course it’s an American company and, Yes, we offer it exclusively at Vermont Eye Laser.

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Still Unsure About Lasik?

LASIK is the most common type of laser eye surgery in the U.S., and in a recent FDA study 96% of LASIK patients felt that the results met or exceeded their expectations. Now you have the entirely new option of the “All Laser Bladeless iLASIK Procedure” just like Top Gun Pilots who need perfect vision. Maybe it’s time to experience the joys of living without glasses or contacts. Call us at 1-877-Go-VT-Eye (468-8393) for a free no obligation consult.

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