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  1. Call 1-877-468-8393 ask for Cyndy or Lisa tell them you are a NYSCOPBA member wanting to have All Laser Bladeless LASIK and arrange a free screening.
  2. We will help you get your pre-authorization for surgery.
  3. After approval we will schedule your full dilated eye exam pre-surgical exam and surgical appointment. (if you are wearing contacts you will need to be out 10 days for soft before your dilated exam)

What's Included (Effective 2-4-15)

  • Free Screening
  • Complete Pre-Surgical Analysis and Dilated Exam
  • All Laser Bladeless LASIK Surgery (Bladeless means no knife blade used, all Laser Accuracy and the safest)
  • Post Operative Care Across Northern NY
  • Your choice either; 2 Nights, Deluxe Lodging, the night of your exam & the night of surgery at the Marriott's TownPlace Suites w/kitchen and indoor pool, or a 2 bedroom upgrade only $20 add. per night)


Most experienced in the region with over 15,000 Procedures and over 15+ years of providing LASIK. The Most Advanced All Laser Bladeless Technology. Performing All Laser Bladeless LASIK Since 2007.

The Only"Hospital Quality LASIK Surgical Suite with Hepa Filtered Air System" in the Region

Award Winning"Top 5" Surgeon, Dr. Juli A. Larson, MD. One Visit, Surgical Exam and Surgery, Follow Up Care in Northern New York


Questions To Ask Before Scheduling Surgery with a Provider

  1. How many LASIK procedures has a.) the center and b.) the surgeon performed? Positive results are dependent on the staff and their experience as well as the surgeon's experience.
  2. Do they perform"i LASIK, All Laser Bladeless" LASIK? If so, for how long? Be careful of centers that have"just added" Bladeless to become a provider! Leading centers have been performing i LASIK, All Laser Bladeless for more than 8 years.
  3. How long has the surgeon been performing LASIK in the North Country? It is vitally important to have a local reputation over a prolonged period of time to see long-term results.
  4. Is the LASIK Suite"Hospital Operating Room Quality"? Does it have"clean room status" with Hepa filtered positive pressure air?
  5. What is the"Buzz" on the street, what center has the best reputation for LASIK?

LASIK Self-Evaluation Test

Juli Larson, M.D., LASIK surgeon serving Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, invites you to find out if you are a LASIK candidate. Please take our test and one of our staff will be in touch with you to discuss your LASIK candidacy. LASIK Self-Evaluation Test

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