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Welcome to our web page on cataract surgery. If you think you are in the early stages of developing a cataract please do not hesitate to contact our office immediately. Our staff is specially trained to handle all aspects with newly approved state of the art eye surgery center in Burlington, VT.

At our eye surgery center in Burlington Vermont, cataract removal is performed through a procedure called phacoemulsification. This is the simplest, safest, and most successful cataract treatment available today.

Cataract Surgery Cataract Surgery Step 1 – The eye must be properly dilated and preparation of the surgical area using cleansers, a topical anesthetic is administered to the surface of the eye.

Cataract Surgery Step 2 – The second step is to make a small hole in the clear cornea. A small incision of about 3 millimeters in length is then created where the ultrasonic device will be inserted. The front part of the lens envelope, known as the lens capsule, is carefully opened so that the lens material can be removed.

Cataract Surgery Step 3 – The next step is to insert the small ultrasonic device into the eye and vacuum the cataract. The ultrasonic device then pulverizes the hardened and yellowed lens proteins. The pulverized material is simultaneously vacuumed from the eye.

Cataract Surgery Step 4   - Next, a folded intraocular lens specifically chosen by the surgeon to suit your individual needs is then inserted through the original incision and maneuvered into the lens capsule and then centered. The lens will remain inside your eye in this location without moving. Intraocular lenses cannot be felt or sensed in any way by the patient.

Cataract Surgery Step 5 – The new lens then unfolds where your natural lens used to exist. The eye doctors here make sure it is positioned, centered, checked and the opening is self-sealing and closes without needing stitches. Once the proper positioning has taken place the surgery is completed.

After Cataract Surgery

Recovery from surgery is generally very quick, with most patients achieving noticeably better vision within the first 24 hours of the procedure. Patients are generally asked to use two different eye medications, administered as drops several times daily for the first few weeks after surgery. It is important that during the first 7 post-operative days patients refrain from strenuous activity such as lifting weights for exercise or lifting other heavy objects. Patients should also refrain from eye rubbing during the first few weeks following surgery.

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