Great experience, authentically engaged in ensuring that I fully understood the process so that the actual procedure was a non-event altogether!


Amazing process, I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone!!!


Excellent doctor. She has been performing my follow-up care after Lasik surgery and I highly recommend her and the entire team at New England Vision Correction Center. Dr Sean Mahoney, Hinesburg, VT


I had LASIK (blade-free) done a little over a year back and I couldn't be happier with the results. I ended up with 20/15 vision and no side effects whatsoever. The entire process was incredibly easy from start to finish. The entire staff do an excellent job at explaining the entire process before and during the operation. They took numerous preliminary tests to ensure the measurements were spot on, and the operation itself probably took less than 10 minutes. The recovery time is quite negligible so long as you follow the prescribed eye drop procedure.The value for this investment is absolutely worth it in my opinion. I'm an avid skier and hiker, and the difference in trail navigation is night and day. You'll often find yourself stopping more than often to witness the incredible details that are now crystal clear around you. Worrying about bringing glasses to a cinema or reading a distant sign have become a distant memory. I want to sincerely thank Juli Larson and the excellent staff at Vermont Eye Laser for being incredibly professional and helpful throughout the entire process, and impacting my life in such a positive way!

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